about eyeinfo

eyeinfo is my online space where I collect my teaching materials, resources and links and anything else useful, interesting or inspiring to anyone creative ;)

This site was originally intended purely as my own 'dumping ground' for different bits of content. It soon evolved into a handy resource site for myself and my students alike as well as an online gallery for some of the fantastic work being produced It also gave me an easy way of sharing some files with my sister in Germany. It has been fun to put this site together and see it being used by so many people...
Thanks for all the feedback and comments I received from everyone ;)

By leaving all my resources completely open and free to access - I felt I was also able to give something back to the online community who have been - and still are - so important in my own learning progress. Even though I love the freedom of information on the internet - I feel pushed into a move away from this open policy I would love to keep up. I have been told by former and current students of mine that my resources are being used elsewhere. Intended as resources for students - I would have expected the professional courtesy of being asked if the resources were to be used as course material.
Due to this and encouraged by my students I have now restricted access to my handouts and resources. You will now need to sign up and log in to view any pages containing tutorials and other lesson material.

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