The tutorial section contains a mixture of tutorials and handouts. Some are quite old by now - such as the hand outs for quarkXPress which I no longer use. The same seems true now for the dreamweaver material as the move to CSS and handcoded sites seems much more effecitve. But as these do still serve their purpose for beginners - I will leave them available here regardless.


Due to the reasons mentioned (see about page for details) - I have now set up a password login for the tutorial pages. Once you click on any link in the submenu - you will be asked to log in using your given password. You will then have access to all tutorial pages and will remain logged in until the tutorial page has been inactive for 10mins. If you have not used the site for this period, or any longer, you will be logged out automatically and will be asked to log in again.

note to my students:
this login setup is not intended to lock you out ;)
if you'd like to get into the tutorial section - please just get in touch and send me an email - or use this quick form (opens in new window)
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The handouts are in PDF format for Acrobat Reader (v5+). Please bear in mind that some might be a bit heavy loading on a landline connection, size varying from a small as 40k to as large as 3-5MB.


depending on you set up - the PDF file will either download onto your desktop and then open automatically in Acrobat Reader - or open up within a new browser window, again using Acrobat Reader. either way you can print out the pdf file from within Acrobat Reader.


the PDF file will open into the same page using Acrobat within a new browser window. To save the file - choose either the 'save' command from the file menu, or the 'save a copy' command in the Acrobat window. you can print out the pdf file from within Acrobat Reader..

tutorial sections


collected handouts and exercises for working with css and webstandards


tutorials covering flash basics to intermediate level

visual studies

A mixture of different topics relating to design principles such as colour and typography as well as interface and web page design...
it's always worth trying to develop different working techniques and remain creatively 'fresh'.... a few concepts to make you think ;)


Collected handouts and tutorials for illustrator - from intro with tool bar and drawing tools over the Bézier pen to pathfinders, clipping masks and blends


A mixed choice of bits... selection techniques - image filled text - some little visual tricks as well as imageReady interface tutorials...


Collected tutorials covering dreamweaver basics such as the program's workspace, use of palettes and view, table set up and editing, image maps and simple CSS


1o tutorials covering the basics of quarkXPress - handouts I used for DTP foundation courses